Greenbucks Depository Services offers dematerialization services as a participant in Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL), through its Depository operations. The company believes in efficient and cost-effective and integrated service support to its brokerage business. Greenbucks Securities Private Limited, as a depository participant, will offer depository accounts for individual investors as well as corporates which will enable them to transact in the dematerialized segment, without any hassles.
Depository offer a safe, convenient way to hold securities as compared to holding securities in paper form. Our service provides an integrated single platform for all our clients ensuring a risk free, efficient and prompt depository process.
Facilities Offered by Greenbucks
* De-materialization:
You can submit your physical shares at the Greenbucks branch for dematerialization into electronic form.
* Re-materialization:
You can also request for Re-materialization which enables you to convert the dematerialized shares into physical form.
* Transfer:
Inter and intra depository services are available through which you can transfer shares.
* IPO:
You can apply for IPO using your demat account details and on allotment the securities are transferred directly to your demat account.
* Corporate Actions:
While holding your stock in demat account, in case you are eligible for any bonus and rights issues the allotment would be transferred to your demat account.
* Easi:
You can view your demat account over the Internet and avail a host of services. This facility empowers our clients to view, download, print updated holdings with respective valuations.

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