Fixed Income

The Fixed income vertical of GREENBUCKS Group deals in Sovereign Paper and Money Market/Fixed Income Instruments Broadly, it undertakes following:
  • Dealing in all types of money market instruments viz. Commercial paper (Origination & Placement), Certificate of Deposit and Treasury Bills both in Primary and Secondary market.
  • Dealing in Government securities (including securities of Oil, Fertilizer & Food Bonds) and other PSU/ Corporate bonds with counterparties like Banks, Primary Dealers, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, Regional Rural Banks, Cooperative Banks, Central & State PSUs, Housing Finance Companies, NBFCs & Corporates.
  • Retailing of Central, State Government Securities and Bonds to PF Trusts, Universities
  • Advisory Services to PF Trusts.
  • Arrangers for Private placement of Bonds & placing it with Banks, Mutual funds, Insurance Companies & Corporates.
  • Securitization of receivable portfolio of Housing Finance Companies, Banks & NBFCs by way of Pass through certificates

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